Professor Aidan Robson

In February, I popped into the University of Glasgow to sit down and chat with Aidan Robson. Aidan has lots going on, he's Professor of Particle Physics at the University of Glasgow, the spokesperson for the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) Detector and Physics collaboration at CERN, and much more! In this episode, we talk about Aidan's career so far, his roles in CERN, and what CLIC can do for particle physics! We also touch on being an out gay man in academia, and being a part of inclusive sports clubs.

If you want to find out more about CLIC, visit their website.

You can get in touch with Aidan, and find out more about the work he does, and who he is, on twitter, where you'll find him as @AidanRobson

Special thanks to IOP Scotland, for funding this short series about LGBT physicists. You can find out more about IOP scotland at their website.

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