Dr. James Claverley


Dr. James Claverley

James is a “scientist at heart” who has hung up his lab coat for a desk job at the National Physical Laboratory.

He champions diversity through STEM, whether through IOP’s diversity committee, as a trustee of PrideInSTEM, or by steering towards inclusion for all at NPL.

This month, I'm chatting with Dr. James Claverley! James is a "scientist at heart" based at the National Physical Laboratory. He now puts skills learned working in metrology (the study of measurements) to good use in the offices of NPL. James is also on the IOP's Diversity committee. He's been working on a report from last year's LGBT+ physical sciences climate survey.

In this episode, we talk about the importance of redefining the kilogram, queer STEM heroes, and James teases some of the findings from the LGBT+ physical sciences climate survey.

If you want more from James, you can find him, and plenty of pictures of his dog, River, on Twitter as @DrClaverley.

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