SciCurious: Live



This month, we brough SciCurious into the meatspace with SciCurious: Live! Panellists (left to right) were Jon Orgill, Emily Nordmann, Martin Hendry and Lawrence Chaney!

This year during the Glasgow Science Festival, we put on the very first SciCurious: Live!

Listen to our panel discussion around visibility in STEM, and follow our panelists!

Jon Orgill (Instagram)

Emily Nordmann (Twitter)

Martin Hendry (Twitter)

Lawrence Chaney (Instagram, Twitter)

Check out the Humans of LIGO blog here.

During the discussion we mention the LGBT physical sciences climate survey. Read the report here.

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Check out Austin Weber's music on spotify and itunes. I use his music for the show - thank you Austin

Thanks also to Malcom the Sound Man, to Debbie and her team of helpers, to all the staff at Kelvin Hall, and to everybody who came along to SciCurious: Live! Without the lot of youse, this live show wouldn't have happened.

And last, but not least, thanks to IOPScotand, for funding SciCurious, and SciCurious: Live, and making this show possible. Check out more of what IOPScotland does on their website